Some months ago, our Stock Quotes widget stopped working. Although we generally try to fix broken features as quickly as we can, this proved to be a hard nut to crack. The problem was not as much in our code, the underlying data source was discontinued. Finally, with the help of members of the community, we were able to find an alternative data source with the same complete data set as we used before. And now we can officially announce that the Stock Quotes widget is back again! And sorry for the long delay.

But there is more! We added some tiny little extras to the stock widget. More features will follow in the future, but now, you might enjoy these changes, too. We haven’t changed the way the widget looks, except for some minor formatting tweaks. But we have added some extra information. This information is shown when you hover your mouse cursor over particular elements in the widget.

Stock quotes widget
The Stock Quotes widget now shows some extra information when hovering over the data

Stock quotes data we added

The extra information shown includes:

For those of you who are interested: we obtain the stock data from Yahoo Finance, which itself uses various sources as well. Depending on the kind of stock, data may be delayed by 15 minutes. The ‘Last’ price shown is the last known value. The ‘Previous’ column shows the value at the previous closing. The change, finally, is calculated as the difference between the Last and Previous price.

One quick tip: switch the theme to Dark to create a stock exchange style dashboard that is easier on your eyes. It will change the page to a dark background and invert the colors in all widgets.

Again, our sincere apologies for the long time it took to fix this widget. We hope you enjoy it and are very much looking forward to suggestions for improvement of this widget.