We consider start.me a real timesaver. You can save multiple links to your start page and access them without searching or guessing. They are there to stay. Forever free, we love to add. But what if you open the same pages every day? Wouldn’t it be neat to be able to open multiple links all at once? We’ve made it possible to do just that!

We keep on improving our most widely used Bookmark widget. We can’t help ourselves. After making it easier to create new bookmarks and to customize their appearance, we’ve now made it simpler than ever to start using your Bookmarks block for your daily workflow routines.

Imagine visiting the same collection of news sites every morning. Now you can now bundle these sites together in a bookmark widget and open them in new tabs with a single click. Life just got a bit easier.

Open multiple links with a simple click is now possible.
Open multiple links with a simple click is now possible.

How it works

When you over a bookmark widget, you’ll notice a new icon in the right top corner. When you click this icon, it will open every link in a new, separate browser tab.

Note: This function does not work in the Safari browser or in any mobile browser.

Allow Pop-ups

For this feature to work you may need to change your browser (security) settings so that pop-ups are allowed.

Click here for more instructions.

Do you like this feature or have a question about it? Please leave your comments below or e-mail us at support@start.me.