Today we proudly present the complete redesign of your favorite start page. It should look more modern and attractive now. You can preview the new here: We’ve added some new features and simplified the menus. Nothing major, we promise. Your widgets and your pages are precisely where they were. You have lost nothing. This is everything you’ve gained.

Redesign Header

New Header redesign.
New Header redesign.

The first area to tackle was the Header of our startpage. Until now you had lots of options, depending on where you clicked. There were no less than four different menus you could open by clicking on or close to the Page name to your top left. Now you click just one single button. That’s it.

The familiar Page menu will open, where you can manage the order of your pages. You can also click the pencil and start editing it, just like you’re used to.

On the right side of your Header, you’ll discover a new button, the Share button. This is where you click if you want to broadcast your page to the world or share it with your family or friends. By default, your pages are not shared at all, hence the padlock.

Nothing else is changed here, and the Header will still blend with the color you’ve chosen for your pages. It will be transparent when you’ve selected a background image.

Redesign Add content menu and other menus

New Add content menu (beta).
New Add content menu (beta).

One of the areas we feel was most in need of an update, was the way you add new content to your pages. It’s not that we didn’t provide the service, it’s just that it felt a bit cluttered and disorganized to some of our users. That’s why we’ve made it easier to find new content. You can browse by category now, to discover new widgets or news feeds.

To open the Add content menu, click the unchanged green Plus icon in the header, or any other Plus icon on the page.

We’ve also added over 2.000 new feeds, which makes the total of available news feeds no less than 6.000. Surely, there must be something worth reading for everyone.

Because of this new way of discovering content, we’ve decided to rethink the sections previously known as Discover and Channels. They are still accessible, but since they don’t seem to attract much traffic, we’ve concluded they’re not very useful to our users. We’re hoping to relaunch them at some other time.

Beta version

There are lots of other features we could present and illustrate here, but we’ll leave that for next week. We’re still working hard to prepare everything for our system-wide Go Live.

Until then, we’d love to give our most active users a sneak peek by granting them access to our Beta version. If you’re interested in knowing the future, type in your address bar. Or click the address, log in, and there you go!

Try it out for yourself. Do you like what you see? Did you find a bug? Please let us know in the comments below, on our Twitter feed (@startme) or more privately to our support staff (

Thank you for contributing!