In the past few weeks we received many requests for more customization features for both the Bookmarks and RSS widgets. Last week we worked on some cool new features that were deployed today. We hope you like them.

The RSS widget got a few extra options that allow you to customize it and use it for many more things:

We applied some other minor tweaks to the RSS widget, including some speed improvements for pagination.

The bookmarks widget now has a second display mode: the Icon View. This mode can easily be selected from the dropdown menu and shows the bookmarks as large icons. This layout may actually save some screen estate on larger screens and is especially useful for the sites you use most often.

For those that have long lists of bookmarks, we added a nifty sort feature. You can now have sort all bookmarks in a widget by title, URL or age. That should help you get organized again!

For music loving users we added a Music Events widget, that will show all events for a specific artist, venue or area. The data is provided by Songkick.

Many more cool features are coming soon, including some really nice customization…