Bookmarking your favorite sites is our bread-and-butter. Whether you use Chrome, Firefox or yet another browser, often you know where you want to go, and you want to get there quickly. That’s how you end up with a Bookmarks bar full of tiny, untidy bookmarks. Our start page is an alternative to this browser bookmarking chaos. And now we’ve made copying your favorite bookmarks to your personal start page even better.

Drag and drop bookmarking

Bookmarking with a simple drag and drop.
Bookmarking with a simple drag and drop.

The instructions for this new feature are straightforward:

That’s it!

Some Caveats

When using this feature, remember this...
When using this feature, remember this…

We’ve tested this function with success in the following browsers:

We’ve tested several other browsers, but they didn’t support this new functionality: Firefox, Pale Moon (a partner), Internet Explorer, Edge and the Maxthon browser (a partner). It’s not clear when or if these browsers will support this new feature.

The new drag and drop feature does not support folders. It only works with single bookmarks.

If you want to add an entire folder to your start page, we recommend the Import function of our extension. You can find more information in this support article.

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts about these improvements. Find us on Twitter (@startme) or write to Or leave a comment!