A prominent feature of every startpage is our search box. It has been for many years. You could always use it to enhance your search options to include new search engines and to skip to your bookmarks quickly. Now you can use it to discover new start pages too. This is how.

Example new Search box options
Example new Search box options

For years it’s been possible to search your bookmarks through the search box on your start page. Back in 2018, when we first introduced our new design, we also promised you we would start expanding your options.

We started this process back in August, and now, as some of our users might have seen already, we deliver upon this promise yet again!

New tabs in your Search box

The first thing you’ll notice when you launch a custom search in your Search bar, are three new tabs. Now you don’t get a long list of options to choose from, or only five of your bookmarks, but separate tabs and something extra.

First tab: search results
First tab: search results

In the first tab, you’ll see the Google search results, as always. Once you launched the search by clicking the search icon, you’ll see a page of results, you can add easily to your start page. By separating these results from your bookmarks, they should load just a tiny bit faster too.

The second tab is where you’ll find the most significant innovation. Now you’ll see all of your searched bookmarks in one clean tab. You’ll also see the name of the page and the widget where they are located. We’ll even tell you if they’re on one of your archived pages!

When you click the result you like, you’ll go there immediately.

Another bonus: search our public pages

Search public start.me pages
Search public start.me pages

And now for the final tab: this is a brand new feature. Now you can use the same keyword you entered before, to find all the public start.me pages that feature this very keyword.

For example: when you type in “osint,” the famed Open Source Intelligence project, you get a lot of search results from sources like Google, but when you search with this term in start.me pages, you’ll get curated content of high quality.

Try it out, and see for yourself!

What do you think?

So that’s it for now: we’ve upgraded your search bar with better access to your bookmarks, and with a brand-new source of start.me pages.

And best of all, these changes are all free and available for all users.

That leaves us with just one question: what do you think about these changes? Where should we focus our efforts now? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

We’d love to hear from our users!