Every week, our development team works hard to improve our service. This time around, we’ve improved start.me with faster loading times. Yes, again! We also upgraded our bookmarklet. And that’s not all by a long shot. So, if you’re curious to know everything about your favorite bookmark manager, do read on.

Improved start.me speed

Improved start.me, faster loading
Improved start.me, faster loading

When we ask our users for feedback, the issue of speed is often mentioned. People want to see their bookmarks and pages instantly, if possible. So shaving microseconds off our loading times has always been a concern. When you check our blog, you’ll see we’ve announced this more than once. And recently, we were at it again.

Depending on your location, you’ll see an improvement of 11% – 34%.

Have you noticed this?

And this time, we’ve also added some new animations. Our improved loading bar at the top of your page should improve your perception of loading times too.

Upgraded bookmarklet

Now you can search in the bookmarklet
Now you can search in the bookmarklet

We not only made our app faster. We did the same with our bookmarklet. It’s just a bit faster.

But there’s more: we also updated the styling and added one new feature. Now, when you add a bookmark, you can search for the widget. You start typing, and the list of matching widgets will appear.

Learn all about the advantages of our bookmarklet, in our support section.

New Copy and Move Dialogs

It’s always been possible to move and copy your widgets on your page. You do this by a simple drag and drop.

When moving widgets to another existing page, you open the context menu (three dots in the top right corner of your widget) and select Move or Copy.

Now you see a new dialog bar, where you can select the destination page, column, and the position in that column.

New Edge Extension

As you might have known, Microsoft Edge has abandoned its plan to build a new browser from scratch. Instead, they decided to build upon the robust Chromium platform.

This is good news for us, as it makes our Extension available for Edge users!

Why should you install the Extension? With it, you can import bookmarks from your browser, set your homepage and new tab pages, save bookmarks, RSS feeds, and more.

So, if you’re an Edge user, you can download it from the Edge Addon Store.

What’s next?

In the future, we will keep on improving start.me. Think bug fixes, making sure our app works smoothly on all platforms and with all screen sizes; business as usual.

We’re also working on adding new features, like a Duplicate Link Checker, and More Page Templates to get you started. And of course, we’ll keep on improving the loading speed.

The most important improvement we’ve developed is the number one requested feature in our poll: Enable subfolders in bookmark widgets.

We had to close the poll, but you can still leave a comment to give us your feedback. Thanks in advance!