How do you improve a great service? By listening to your customers. This is exactly why we are so happy to introduce our latest feature: Bookmark Groups.

Bookmark groups in action!
Bookmark groups in action!

Until today you had only two ways to organize your bookmarks:

We thought this would be a great way to keep things nice and tidy. But clearly this wasn’t enough.

Why we added Bookmark Groups

Many users have asked us to add one additional level of organization. This is what one user wrote:

It would be really helpful to have a way of separating bookmarks inside of widgets. There are some bookmarks that I want to separate, but not completely. So if I had a list of servers, network gear, etc that I login to. I’d love to have them in one widget, but have spacers (horizontal rule) or (horizontal rule with title) so that I can have subsections in a widget.

Another user gave us this feedback:

Have you considered a way to put either a spacer or sub-heading within a list of links? For example, I have a long list of (mostly) slow cooker recipes that I’d like to group by “Italian”, “Soups”, “Mexican”, etc. A line spacer would be great, and a sub-head would be even better.

And here’s a final one we selected:

Hello! It would be nice if within each category of url links, you could add sub-categories that could be expanded with the content of the url’s, to have a greater organization of the url’s. I sent it as an idea, thank you.

So there you have it: just a tiny selection of requests from our users to add one extra layer of categorization.

And this is how our Development Team responded.

What are Bookmark Groups, really?

Bookmark groups in edit mode
Bookmark groups in edit mode

With this new feature, you can organize your bookmarks in Tabs or in Lists.

The Tab view gives you a more condensed overview of your bookmarks. We also feel it’s faster and easier to navigate, especially if you have a lot of bookmarks.

With the List view, you can see your bookmarks not just in the familiar listing, but you can also subdivide it. The subdivisions are collapsable at will, and you can use it also to open just the bookmarks in one group at a time.

Bookmark groups in list view
Bookmark groups in list view

In short: we really feel we’ve put more flexibility and efficiency at your disposal.

How does it work?

Group icon in header
Group icon in header

First of all, you need a PRO subscription. There are many great advantages to turning PRO (no advertisements, Broken Link Checker), and now you have another reason to take the step.

Once you’ve upgraded to PRO, you will discover a new icon in the header of your Bookmark widgets, when they are in edit mode. Just double-click the header, and you’re on your way.

To rearrange bookmarks and groups, you can use the familiar drag and drop method. And if you want to rearrange more than one bookmark at a time, you can use our new Merge function.

Merge bookmark widgets
Merge bookmark widgets

For more information about this feature, consult our support article.

Coming soon

These are some other new features we’re working on:

What do you think?

So what do you think about this new feature? Are you one of the many users who asked for this? What else would you like us to develop?

Please let us know what you think in the comments, or contact our support team in case of bugs or troubles.

Don’t hesitate but make yourself heard: you know we’re listening!