We asked you to tell us what to develop next, and your feedback was phenomenal. So now, without any delay, here are the results!

What to develop next?
What to develop next?

The most requested feature to develop next

With over one hundred reactions, the results are definitely encouraging. Almost 20% of all votes indicate that you would love to see an Inbox feature added to start.me.

This way, you can quickly save a link to your inbox, and categorize it later. Bookmarking will be faster and more efficient.

And this is just what start.me is all about: we want to empower our users to navigate the internet more efficiently.

So that’s what we will work on next. And, as a little teaser of our new Extension dialog, this is what we came up with so far.

We expect to present the final version in July. What do you think?

Our roadmap to an improved start.me experience

The Inbox doesn’t mean that the other features we proposed to you will be discarded. On the contrary. We’re always trying to improve our service. So what’s next?

The Duplicate Link Checker managed to get almost 17% of all votes, so that’s planned for July too.

The Speed improvements have always had our attention, and we will continue to work on this item too. Expect to see some results in August.

As you can see in the graph, these three features cover our top three, and over 50% of the votes. So that’s where we’ll start.

Multiple mentions

All the features we’ve proposed in our feedback form were valuable to more than one user. So, we will take a hard look on all of them, to see if we can create them as well.

Some of them, like the popularity of an iOS app, were reason to prioritize them in our roadmap. iPhone users can expect some good news this August!

Other features, like the Activity Timeline, could cover more than one function at once, like an undo feature, a restore feature, as well as a timeline. We might just kill more birds with one stone (metaphorically speaking, of course, we love these little winged creatures!).

Surprising suggestions

And then, there are the surprising suggestions our users could enter under the option ‘Other.’ Here we’ll give these users some brief feedback, so you can tell that we’ve heard you:

Already available

Finally, several users let us know that they are interested in a feature we already offer.