Have you ever shared a start.me page? Then you’ll know you’ve got several options. As of today, you can add a password too. Here’s why we thought this new feature would be helpful.

Remind me again – share pages?

How do I share a page? A reminder
How do I share a page? A reminder

Before we jump to the how, let’s first remind you why we think sharing is a unique feature for all start.me users:

Why we developed the Password protection

Imagine you’re a teacher, and you want to make your resources available for all your students.

You don’t want to invite everyone by e-mail because you want to save time. Also, you don’t want them to change the page anyway. You want to give them access to your links to the best educational resources available, that’s all. And you want to add a personalized message too, to encourage them.

What do you do? You share the URL of your page, and you give them an easy to remember password.

Now, your students open the browser on the iPad or Chromebook. They type in the unique page URL, and your password. And that’s it!

They don’t need a start.me account, just the link. The personalized message you wrote in a Notes widget will remain personal. Because it is password protected.

How does it work?

The instructions to share your page with a password are simple:

  1. Go to the start.me page you want to share. Click the Share button.
  2. Under Who has access go to click the drop-down menu and select Protected Link.
  3. Enter a password you decide. You need at least four characters. Click Save.
  4. Finally, click outside the Sidebar or the X in the top right corner.

From this moment on, you page is protected with the password you just chose.

You can click copy the link from the Share sidebar by clicking the copy icon.

Now, you just share the link with the password, and you’re good to go!

Your students, colleagues, friends, family members, whoever you want to share your resources with, will thank you.

And that’s it!

We hope you’ll try this new option to share your pages. If you have any question, please check the updated support article first.

And do let us know what you think about this latest improvement. We could really use your feedback, to keep on improving our service. Our comment section is waiting for your wisdom!