After almost two months of work behind the scenes the fully redesigned site has gone live. For the coming few weeks, the design will run in beta-mode on and the old design will stay available on during that time.

What has changed in the new design? Well, best would be to take a look yourself. A few hints to get you started:



Behind the scenes, many more changes have taken place. as a whole has been made faster and uses less bandwidth.

We hope you like the new design. As always, we very much appreciate your feedback. So please feel free to drop us an e-mail at And don’t forget to update your bookmarks to!

Update: Quite some users pointed us at the fact that the font used in the new design does not render well on Windows 7/8 when using the Chrome browser. Sadly, this is an issue in Chrome. Although we believe Chrome will update its browser within 3 months to fix the problem, we are currently looking into alternatives. Some other issues we are currently working on:

Update 2: An update has been deployed that actually allows the widget columns to scale with the window. With this update, three column display is possible on an iPad (in landscape mode) again, while at the same time better use can be made of larger screens.