After last weeks introduction of, we continued our work in the news feeds department. This week, we introduce the first beta version of our integrated feed reader! We know a lot of users have been waiting for this new feature, so we chose to share it with you early on in the process of its development. With the integrated RSS feed reader, you can dive a little deeper into the headlines you find in It is not just a thing for channels, however: it works on your personal pages as well!

Not an ordinary RSS reader

As we are well aware a lot of great RSS readers are already out there, we chose not to try and compete with those great product, but rather choose our own course and create a feed reader that integrates really nicely into a personal start page. So what we did is both simple and elegant: every news feed widget you find, including the ones you created yourself, now features a new -button in its header. Clicking this Expand button opens the integrated feed reader, displaying all articles in the widget!

Switching views

Our integrated RSS reader has two different view modes you can choose from, allowing you to group articles by feed or see them as separate items. In, the default view shows feeds, but by clicking the -button on the right side of the navigation bar, you can easily switch to the articles view, giving you a beautiful and very practical chronological overview of all news in a specific channel.

Beta, so we need feedback!

As this feature is still very young, we currently consider the integrated feed reader experimental. To see what we can improve, we would like to ask you for your feedback. Do you like the feed reader? What features would you like to see added? Let us know: