As of today you can find user contributed pages on about topics of interest, for instance News, Entertainment and Sports. You can use these pages as a source of inspiration for your own page, or simply “Favorite” them so you can easily access these pages through your Pages menu.

Currently we have over 200 localized pages available, spanning 33 countries. More pages are added on a daily basis. Do you miss a particular page or subject? Let us know and we’ll try to make it available as soon as possible.

Find pages of interest

(1) Open the Pages Menu (left top icon) and select “Find Pages of Interest”.

(2) Here you can browse Public pages and Team pages.

(3) Once you found an interesting page, you can add it to your Pages menu using one of the following two options:

Example pages

To give you an idea of the pages that are currently available:

Share your page with the rest of the world

Have you created a page that could be useful for others and are you willing to share it? Then please e-mail us the the URL of the page. After we reviewed your page, we’ll feature it in the new “Pages of Interest” section.

Provide us with your feedback

As always we’d like to hear your feedback about this new feature. Please e-mail us or leave a comment below.