Frontend Developer.

After 3 years of increasing growth, 2017 will be the break through year for And that's why we are looking for skilled and passionate frontend developers. There are some really neat challenges. Help us break through the 1 million users barrier!

Who we're looking for.

  • Pragmatist

    A passionate yet hands down work ethic. Never afraid, always full of ideas.

  • Optimist

    A friendly face, a great attitude and with an above average sense of humor.

  • Aesthete

    A well developed taste for good and user friendly web and interaction design.

  • Agilist

    Adept at thinking in an agile fashion. Someone who can and will adapt to any situation.

Skills we seek.

A frontend developer is a programmer that codes the front end of a website. It's the frontend developer's job to convert designs and specifications into HTML, JavaScript and CSS code. Techopedia


    To build, we use HTML5, JavaScript (mostly ES5, some ES6) and CSS3. As a frontend developer, you need to be fluent in those technologies.

  • Working in the cloud

    Yes, is a true cloud app. We run on Heroku and use dozens of cloud tools. Some experience with git and PostgreSQL will make your life easier.

Our place.

Our development HQ is in Nijmegen, exactly 98 meters from the train station. There's a great view, great coffee and a bunch of really nice people. It's easy to reach by train and there's an underground car parking if you need it. Just got to love it!

Our offer.

Skilled and friendly developers are hard to come by. That's a well known fact. If you're in it for the money, you should probably apply at Google. So what makes special? Why work with us?

  • Our eternal gratitude

    First of all, if you come work with us, we'll be forever grateful. Really. We'll even pay you!

  • Trust and flexibility

    We don't believe in rules. We trust. That makes us flexible. And we're just nice.

  • We are the next Spotify

    This is your chance to be there when the next great thing hits the web.

  • Challenging & rewarding

    We have a huge backlog and a 1,000 ideas. Some really cool projects are waiting.

Join us!

If you're qualified and interested, please don't hesitate! We have been looking for you for a while now. No time to waste! Drop us a line on [email protected] and we'll explore the options over a cup of coffee.

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