A start page for your class.

A smarter way to organize and share the internet with your students.

Why teachers love start.me

  • Organize all your online educational resources in one place.

  • Create pages about specific subjects, courses and classes.

  • Encourage online collaboration between your students.

  • Discover new resources and materials shared by other teachers.

What's start.me?

  • A free start portal for your school or class

  • Organize websites, videos, pictures, RSS feeds, notes, to-do’s and course materials in one place.

  • Stored in the cloud. Access your page anywhere.

  • Share with teachers, parents, students or the entire web.

Students love start.me

  • Use start.me as your Personal Learning Environment.

  • One place for your course materials, your social media and your personal favorites.

  • Discover new online resources shared by other students and your teachers.

Why others love start.me

We use start.me on our school to share links, images, videos and notes with students and parents. We are very satistfied with this tool as it helps us to create order out of the 'digital chaos' we sometimes find ourselves in.

Grete Elif Teacher at a K12 school Dallas

I love start.me as it helps me keep my digital classroom in order. I use it to share educational tools and resources with my students. Our class start page has become my central digital communication channel for students and parents.

Leon Toribio Teacher at a K12 school Virginia