Get more done.

  • It’s easy to neglect the amount of time you spend on micro-tasks, such as hunting for links in Slack channels or old emails. With, your team will always have all their important links available at the click of a button. Your team can focus on the important aspects of their job, and get more done in the process.

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Create your own team space and work smarter together.

Build dashboards.

You can embed almost anything on a page.

Get inspired.

You can build just about any type of dashboard you want with Here are some examples of what our customers have built.

Browse without distractions.

More focus with a personal startpage for your browser.

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With the help of, the Pitkin County Information Network (PCIN) has proven to be one of the most useful websites the County has to offer! Instead of cluttering inboxes with all County emails, employees now navigate to the PCIN to look for new and important information. It's been a win-win for Pitkin County!

Carrie Fleischman Pitkin County Government is a genuinely useful and personalized start page and new tab page. An effective way to start off your browsing.

Ralph Ellis

We have created a page with bookmarks that are relevant for our staff. Our staff works from many different locations and with we're able to centrally manage the start page for all their computers. We have found to be a very user friendly tool for both managing and viewing bookmarks.

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