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Organize online resources for yourself and your class Organize online resources for yourself and your class Organize online resources for yourself, colleagues, classes and the school Organize online resources for yourself, colleagues, classes, the schools and the entire district
  • 무제한 페이지
  • Standard and education-specific widgets
  • 이메일 지원
  • 이 모든게 Teacher basic플랜에 포함
  • 광고 제거
  • 더 빠른 로딩
  • Broken Link Checker
  • 우선 순위 지원
  • 이 모든게 Teacher extra플랜에 포함
  • 프라이벗 공유와 협업
  • A school domain (e.g.
  • School-specific training available
  • Unlimited number of schools
  • Admin console for IT staff
  • District-specific training
  • Usage statistics
  • Dedicated support staff

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Depends on size of district

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Examples of educational page

Get some inspiration from educational example pages that we've put together. See for yourself how can help you stay organized.

Training for educational organizations

During the training, the organization is supported with creating pages with online teaching materials for teachers and students. In addition, the search for online resources and teaching materials that match the school vision is facilitated.

How can I create a homepage for my class and share them with children and parents? What educational gadgets are in our school? Is it wise to make agreements about the use and employment of home pages? What online classroom materials are used in other schools? What didactic choices should we make together to make the use of these teaching materials effective? These and many other questions will be answered during the training.

The training is compiled in close consultation with the school or district so that the process and the final result are tailored. After the training, all teachers will be able to develop homepages, the classroom and the school's homepages, and have an unambiguous vision about this.

The training also gives an insight into the future of education. Various challenging and contemporary forms of work are discussed.