Modern-day bookmarking.

  • The 1997 way

    All modern browsers have a favorites bar. Adding links is easy. But finding them later? Good luck!

  • The way

    Use to save and categorize your bookmarks. Build dashboards to easily recall your favorites later on.

  • Always available

    Your bookmarks are not stuck on one device, but can be accessed on any tablet, phone or notebook.

  • No syncing

    Your bookmarks are stored in the cloud, so there is no need for troublesome bookmarking syncing!

Keep up on news.

  • Knowledge workers typically access tens if not hundreds of news sources every week. offers an integrated feed reader (RSS) to help you stay on top. Whether it's the New York Times, Seth Godin's blog or the TED Youtube channel, you can follow the sources you value in less time.

  • Save time

    Quickly scan hundreds of headlines without having to click away.

  • Get inspired

    Discover news sources in our a library with thousands of feeds.

  • Stay on top

    Keep the news sources you value in view and never miss a scoop.

  • Keep in touch

    Follow influential bloggers from one convenient dashboard.

  • Keyword alerts

    Monitor news about your company, your competitors or your favorite brand by integrating Google Alerts.

  • Smarter together

    Work with your colleagues to curate, prioritize and share the best stories relevant for your team.

Embed anything.

Embedded content enriches your dashboard and brings multimedia content right to your page. Some examples:

  • Weather forecasts

    Stay current with the latest weather forecasts.

  • Online videos

    Don't just bookmark online videos, include them in your pages!

  • Business charts

    Keep those KPIs handy by using our beautiful chart widget.

Save time with our integrations.

Use our app integrations to build a custom dashboard and monitor all your essential business information from one place.

  • Integrate email

    Display the latest mail from your Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex.Mail or other IMAP email account.

  • Embed analytics

    Plot charts for important KPIs from Google Analytics, AdSense or your own data sources.

  • There is more

    We offer calendar support, social media widgets, stock data and many more integrations.

  • Customize everything.

  • Choose from loads of themes.

  • Add blocks and columns.

  • Personalize each block individually.

Share your pages.

The links you collect may be valuable for others, too. And dashboards that make you more effective will likely help your team mates as well. That's why offers extensive sharing capabilities.

  • Share with friends

    Planning a trip together? Share a page and show your friends what you found.

  • Team collaboration

    Knowledge workers become more effective with our collaboration tools.

  • Publish your collection

    Are you an expert? Publish what you know by sharing your pages with the world.

  • Privacy is essential

    When it comes to sharing, you are in control. Privacy is sacred to us.

Browser extensions.

To streamline your browsing experience, we offer browser plugins and bookmarklets for all major browsers and platforms.

  • Set as start page

    By using as your browser start page, you will have your bookmarks ready when you need them.

  • Add with ease

    Our extensions let you directly bookmark sites with a single click. Great for adding feeds, too!

Upgrade if you need more features.

The free version of offers loads of features. If you need more professional functionality, priority service or advanced collaboration features, upgrading is possible.

  • Pro

    For professionals who want more widgets, priority service and premium performance.

  • Team

    Small teams can enjoy a private collaboration environment and various branding options.

  • Enterprise

    For large organizations we offer team management features to facilate numerous teams.