Get more done.

  • It’s easy to neglect the amount of time you spend on micro-tasks, such as hunting for links in Slack channels or old emails. With, your team will always have all their important links available at the click of a button. Your team can focus on the important aspects of their job, and get more done in the process.

A place for your team.

Create your own team space and work smarter together.

  • Collaboration

    Sharing allows your team to collaborate and build team dashboards together.

  • Private sharing

    Use your team space as an intranet to share content with your team members.

  • Security matters

    Your dashboards are stored securely and we only use encrypted connections.

  • Team domain

    Apply your branding on your own team domain (e.g.

Build dashboards.

You can embed almost anything on a page.

  • Bookmarks

    Never lose a link again. Save and curate your links. No more tedious searching!

  • RSS

    Scan more news headlines in less time with our integrated RSS news reader.

  • Web clips

    Embed videos, images, charts and many other content types to create rich pages.

  • Integrations

    Integrate data from your favorite apps (like Gmail, Analytics, AdSense and Trello).

Get inspired.

You can build just about any type of dashboard you want with Here are some examples of what our customers have built.

  • Marketing dashboard

    Online Marketeers use various online tools on a daily basis. For them serves as a workspace where they have their apps, lead-generation deeplinks and most important Analytics data right in front of them.

  • Online knowledge base

    Knowledge workers have to deal with a lot of online information. A knowledge base is a great way to document and share team knowledge. Using as a knowledge base is easier and less costly than other systems.

  • Industry news dashboard

    Professionals typically access tens if not hundreds of news sources every week.'s integrated feed reader (RSS) helps you stay on top. Monitor news about your company, your competitors or your favorite brand by integrating Google Alerts.

  • Education portal

    Educators use to organize all their online educational resources in one place. There is a lot of educational content on the web, which teachers can bundle in thematic pages (e.g. Frogs or Fractions) that they can easily share with their students.

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Browse without distractions.

More focus with a personal startpage for your browser.

  • Opening a new tab or browser window is an opportunity to get distracted. By using as a browser startpage, you make sure that you can access the links you need and can fully focus on the work you are doing.

What our customers say.

With the help of, the Pitkin County Information Network (PCIN) has proven to be one of the most useful websites the County has to offer! Instead of cluttering inboxes with all County emails, employees now navigate to the PCIN to look for new and important information. It's been a win-win for Pitkin County!

Carrie Fleischman Pitkin County Government is a genuinely useful and personalized start page and new tab page. An effective way to start off your browsing.

Ralph Ellis

We have created a page with bookmarks that are relevant for our staff. Our staff works from many different locations and with we're able to centrally manage the start page for all their computers. We have found to be a very user friendly tool for both managing and viewing bookmarks.

Dimitri Schippers C1000 Supermarkets

Our plans.



Small teams can enjoy a private collaboration environment and various branding options. For large organizations we offer team management features to facilate numerous teams.


  • Work together with team members
  • Team of up to 20 users
  • Private sharing and collaboration
  • Your own team domain
  • Premium widgets
  • Broken Link Checker
  • No advertisements
  • Priority support


  • Everything in the Team plan
  • Unlimited team members
  • Multiple teams
  • Multi-team management
  • SAML-based SSO
  • Traffic & Usage insights


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